White Mountain

Decorative Painters' Guild

Retreat 2013

Photos of the fun time remembering

Diane Morgan, Past President

in Waterville Valley, NH

April 5-7, 2013


Anne Wifholm's Class on Watercolor Collage

Front Row: Elaine McMahon, Suzi Franklin, Cheryl Barb

Back Row: Larry Provencher, Marj Kiley

Suzi Franklin & Cheryl Barb enjoying Anne's Class.

Larry Provencher, Anne Wifholm, and Elaine McMahon



Debbie Fortin with her Duck Cone

Debbie Fortin holding her cone, Nancy Schlis (teacher) gluing in the duckie

Back: J. Spaulding, M. Valois, K. Lafayette, N. Schlis, C. Harrison, D. Fortin, Diane DiPetrillo, Diane Costanza.

Front: D. Pullo, Lesa Butterworth


Debbie Fortin, Larry Provencher (front) Marj Kiley (middle)

Lesa Butterworth, Diane Costanza, Donna DiPetrillo from LRR (back)

Anne Wifholm and Marj Kiley working hard in Cindy Harrison's class.

Dotty Pullo's class: Kris Lafayette, Suzi Franklin, Cheryl Barb, Martha Valois

Tricia Joiner, teacher.  Dotty Pullo working on her rooster.

Daine Costanza and Cheryl Barb.

Suzi Franklin and Mary Frambach

Elaine McMahon, teacher, with Larry Provencher and Marj Kiley

Goodie Bags!

Kris Lafayette with her duck cone and painting a sunflower slate.



More photos coming soon!