Upcoming Afternoon Programs

 Doors open at 9am for socializing, set up and Palette Potpourri (members put recently finished paintings on display).  The business meeting begins at 10am followed by lunch at noon and then our afternoon programs.  Guests are welcome.  We would appreciate an RSVP in the form of the registration form in our newsletter letting us know if you are staying for lunch and/or the afternoon program.  There is a fee for the buffet lunch or you may bring your own.  The cost of the afternoon program varies.  Usually you can bring your own surface if we are painting on wood.


January 5, 2020 Maureen McNaughton design taught by Suzi Franklin

Violet Peek-a-Boo 


March 8, 2020 Painting Social - Memory Boxes and/or UFOs

Click here to get registration form. 


May 3, 2020 free Zoom class with Tricia Joiner

limit 12 - Please email Carolyn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to participate.


May 3, 2020 Acrylic Painting with Mary Svenson (Sorry, General Meeting Canceled)




September 11, 2020 Silk Scarf taught by Susan Mangano 


November 11, 2020 Painted Ornaments TBA