2021 Afternoon Programs

Since Spring 2020 we have been meeting via Zoom.  All chapter members with email addresses are issued a Zoom Invite that allows them to take part in the Zoom Meeing over the internet.  When we meet via Zoom, the business portion of the meeting begins at 10am but access to the Zoom Meeting may open at 9:30am so members can get settled and make sure they can access Zoom.  A painting program usually commences after the end of the business meeting which may be as early as 11am.  Our November 16, 2020 painting program with Dotty Pullo CDA went from 11am to 1:30pm.  Time may vary depending on who is teaching and what they are teaching.If a meeting is scheduled at a rentail facility, doors open at 9am for socializing, set up and Palette Potpourri (members put recently finished paintings on display).  The business meeting begins at 10am followed by lunch at noon and then our afternoon programs.  Guests are welcome.  We would appreciate an RSVP in the form of the registration form in our newsletter letting us know if you are staying for lunch and/or the afternoon program.  There is a fee for the buffet lunch or you may bring your own.  The cost of the afternoon program varies.  Usually you can bring your own surface if we are painting on wood.


January 10, 2021 Tracy Moreau

January 2020 Tracy Moreau 


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March 14 (Noon – 4:30 pm)  Maureen Baker

Maureen Baker flower 

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May 16 (9am - 4pm) Laure Paillex

September 12 (9am – 4pm) Janice Fusco

November 14 (9am – 4pm)



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