WMDPG Job Descriptions

Revised 12-2012


To help those of you interested in volunteering for positions within the White Mountain Decorative Painters Guild, listed below are brief descriptions of the current positions.


  1. Preside over all Board and General Meetings and prepare agendas for same
  2. Be a ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee
  3. Sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer
  4. Appoint the necessary Committee Chairpersons.

Vice President/President Elect:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Preside in the absence of the President
  3. Assist the President when necessary
  4. Coordinate General Meeting location, meals and afternoon programs.
  5. May represent the Chapter at SDP Convention.

Newsletter Editor:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Serve as Editor and Publisher of the Newsletter


  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Record minutes of all General and Board Meetings

Membership Secretary:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Collect membership dues, keep the membership list current, and distribute cards
  3. Coordinate General Meeting Registration

Treasurer & Intern Treasurer:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures
  3. Receive monies of the Chapter and pay all approved bills
  4. Make available Statement of Accounts at every Chapter and Board Meeting
  5. Make an Annual Report of the preceding year at the first Business Meeting of the new year and a proposed budget
  6. Provide an annual financial report to the Society
  7. Support and coordinate an internal audit of books by an appointed committee at year-end
  8. An Intern Treasurer’s position has been established to serve as an intern to the current Treasurer with no voting ability and has no fiduciary responsibility, nor signing authority.  The current Treasurer will assist the incoming (intern) Treasurer for one year to help in the transition.

Past President/Advisor:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Act as advisor to the President and all members of the Board.
  3. Serve on Board without voting privileges

Board Members Five (5) plus (1) Alternate:

  1. Attend all Board and General Meetings
  2. Serve on the Board with voting ability. Alternate may vote only in the absence of Board Member.
  3. Generate new ideas and direct the course of the Chapter
  4. Represent general memberships question and requests


Presidential Appointees:

The following appointees will be expected to:

  • Keep President informed of pertinent information (verbally or written)
  • Submit articles to the Newsletter Editor by the deadline date (when applicable)
  • At times, attend a Board Meeting (with proper notification)


The Appointment guidelines include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Centerpiece Chair

  1. Attend General Meetings
  2. Is to provide table centerpieces for Chapter Meetings.
  3. Coordinate how winners are to be chosen.

Charity Coordinator – David’s House

  1. Attend General Meetings
  2. Place updated “wish list” in the newsletter
  3. Collect donations at the General Meetings
  4. Arrange to have donations delivered in a timely fashion
  5. Serve as the liaison between the Guild and the charitable organization

Fundraiser Chair

  1. Research several possible projects for the upcoming year and present them to the Board for a vote.
  2. Complete the fundraiser in a timely manner.
  3. Organize the printing, distribution and selling of tickets.
  4. Collect ticket stubs and monies.
  5. Provide pictures of the raffle items to the membership via Meetings/Newsletter/Website


  1. Take photos of events and maintain a Chapter Scrapbook
  2. Submit pictures to Newsletter and Web Chair with a small write up


  1. Attend General Meetings
  2. Welcome new members and guests attending a General Meeting
  3. Answer any questions they may have, or direct them to the appropriate officer or board member that can assist them
  4. Collect the Tole Gate Dollars at each meeting and turn the monies in to the Treasurer with the Chapter Income form
  5. Send an appropriate card to a member or member’s family when notified of an illness or death
  6. Coordinate Palette Potpourri drawing. Present a gift to the winner, ($10.00 limit).

Installation Chair

  1. Gather a committee together to “get stuff done”.
  2. Develop the theme to reflect the incoming president
  3. Work with Centerpiece Chair
  4. Follow up with President


Memory Box Coordinator

  1. Collect donated or purchase unpainted boxes (submit Request for Reimbursement to Treasurer with receipt)
  2. Coordinate the distribution of the unpainted boxes to members
  3. Maintain list of the hospitals, addresses and the contact person in charge of the bereavement program.
  4. Collect the finished boxes.
  5. Coordinate the delivery the boxes.


  1. Bring all mercantile items to each General Meeting.
  2. Responsible for researching new items for the table to bring before the Board for approval.
  3. Promote current items at the table.
  4. Store all items in between meetings.
  5. Collect monies and turn in to Treasurer with the Chapter Income form

New England Chapter’s Council/NET Liaison and Alternate

  1. Attend NECC/NET Meetings
  2. Report to Chapter pertinent information via presentation at General Meetings and articles in the newsletters


NET Chair of Current Year’s NET-Appointed Duties (2 representatives) – Refer to NET Job Descriptions for more details.

  1. Attend NECC/NET Meetings
  2. Report to Chapter (verbal and/or written)


Nominating Committee Chair

  1. Research potential officers and board candidates for the next slate of officers.
  2. Submit the slate to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the October issue.
  3. Coordinate the voting of Officers & Board Members at the November Meeting.
  4. Post election results in the December Issue.

Paint-in Chair

  1. Request members to submit projects for Paint-Ins in the August Newsletter and at the September General Meeting.
  2. Schedule 2 dates with a meeting place prior to the November Meeting selection.
  3. At the November meeting organize voting for projects to be taught
  4. Collect monies for WMDPG & Teacher.
  5. Submit an article/registration form including color photos to the Newsletter and Website Chair
  6. On the day of the event, set up class room, coordinate food, beverage and payment to facility and teachers. (Take pictures)
  7. After the event, submit pictures for publication in Newsletter and on Website with a short write-up
  8. Give a list of the participating members to the VP


  1. Attend all Board and General meetings
  2. Make sure Parliamentary procedure is carried out at meetings properly and advise parliamentary questions
  3. Serve on Board without voting privileges


Raffle Chair

  1. Receive and organize donations for the raffle

Secret Pal

  1. Coordinate the personal information forms and assign secret pals
  2. Have Secret Pal sign up forms available to the membership at the November & January General Meetings.
  3. Place small articles in Newsletter (October/December issues)

Seminar Chair

  1. Research potential Seminar Teachers (may work with VP/President Elect)
  2. Set up events two years out, if possible.
  • Coordinate the event: Retrieve pertinent information from Teacher, set dates and location, send out contract, deposits, and notify members and Sister Chapter Newsletter Editors.
  • Provide transportation or make arrangements with someone to transport the teacher to and from the airport and the seminar location.
  • On the day of the event, set up classroom, coordinate food, beverage and payment to facility and teachers.
  • Prepare a report to be read at the next General Meeting and/or included in the next Newsletter.


Service Project Chair –

The purpose for participating in a Service Project Event is to share information only.

We are not recruiting membership; just sharing our talent.

  1. Co-ordinate with the an organization the dates and location of an event
  2. Have sufficient amount of small items for people to paint (beginner level)
  3. Have WM flyers and magazines (like the Decorative Painter) for informational purposes only
  4. Do not take any money

Special Event Chair

  1. Responsible for coordination of optional Special Event ex: Retreat, Bus Trip, Shop Hop.
  2. Give a progress report to President/Board prior to or at meetings.
  3. Submit Newsletter articles as necessary.
  4. Collect and turn in monies with the Chapter Income form to the Treasurer

Volunteer Award Chair

  1. This committee consists of the previous years Veteran and Rookie award winners.
  2. Publish the Nomination Form in the October newsletter
  3. At the November Meeting, place Nomination Forms on each table and collect at the end of the meeting.
  4. Present awards at the Installation Meeting in January
  5. Publish a short report in the newsletter after the awards have been made

Website Chair


  1. Maintain Website
  2. Notify (send via email) the membership when Newsletter is on Website
  3. Give I.T. support to membership (or get help)