White Mountain Decorative Painters’ Guild



Sales Policy

(modified 2010)


It is the general policy of the Guild not to allow sales by individuals at our meetings.  Although we offer certain promotional materials of our Chapter and The Society, it is our stated policy not to compete with local teachers or merchants in the sale of supplies.  We do however, out of respect to our teachers that we solicit for Seminars and Afternoon Programs, allow them to sell their own products (packets, videos, etc.) before and after their teaching sessions on a non-interfering basis.

The following specified guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Directors:

At Meetings: No individual sales are allowed by anyone other than the Teacher.

At Paint-Ins: No sales are allowed by any member or any participating teacher.

At Seminars: Sales are allowed only by the teacher and only on a non-interference basis before and after class.

At other Functions: No Individual sales are allowed unless so specified in the approval of the event.  If so approved, specific guidelines will be issued for that exception.


Chapter Events Class Projects Policy

(effective January 1, 2015)

If an individual paid for a class and became unable to attend, arrangements must be made to obtain their materials within 2 months or by the next general meeting otherwise the class project will revert back to the Guild with no refund.